Breather valves with flame arresters

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The appearance of fire is a huge risk for the entire systems and causes rapid changes in the prevailing pressure. What is the best protection against this kind of risk?

Certainly the use of a breathing valve and flame arresters. A breather valve is a special type of safety valve that is installed on sealed storage tanks and piping systems to regulate internal pressure. Flame arresters, on the other hand, belong to passive safety systems against deflagrations and detonations. Tanks and mixers are often fitted with breather valves or suitable vents, which can lead to an explosion through the potential danger of contact with an ignition source. It is therefore recommended in modern industry to protect such processes with flame arresters. It is highly recommended for all devices that have permanent sources of ignition to be fitted with flame arresters.

How is a flame arrester constructed?

The basis of the construction of these products is a properly selected grid which consists two stainless steel strips, which thanks to its properties guarantees the operation of the device.

Each gas has its own characteristics. On its basis, you can choose the appropriate cross section of metal braids through which the flame will not penetrate. This depends on the selection and manufacture of a fire fuse with appropriate slots called MESG. (Maximum Experimental Safe Gap).

Not only the height of the element is important, but also its length. It must be calculated in such a way that it adequately absorbs the heat of the explosion. In this way, after the gas has passed through the entire element at the end, the gas temperature will be below its auto-ignition temperature, thus protecting everything behind the flame arrester.

Depending on the application we offer flame arresters for the specific product or application. It is possible to combine breather valve with flame arresters or only vacuum valves or pressure relief valves

Technical parameters for breather valves:

- size range from DN 25 to DN 400 

- opening pressure settings from 2 mbar to 500 mbar

- materials made of aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy, plastic.

Technical parameters for flame arresters:

- size range from DN 6 to DN 600

- maximum operating temperature up to 250 0C

- certified for high operating pressures

- types of deflagration, detonation, short term combustion and long term combustion

Perfect precision of workmanship and compliance with the strictest standards are assets appreciated by customers all over the world. Therefore, it is always worth betting on devices that meet all these requirements. Of course, to select the right security device, it is necessary to know all the key parameters of the installation it is to protect. Therefore, in order to discuss specific examples, we encourage you to contact our experts directly.