Things You Need to Know Before Painting A Wooden House

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Your wooden house can be one of the most vital purchases that you make in your lifetime. Therefore, it for every homeowner who wants log cabin to buy must use high-quality wall paints to maintain its beauty for a long.


Moreover, timely painting of your log houses also prevents deterioration over time. But the decision to paint a wooden house is not at all easy.

Making the proper preparation and selecting an appropriate paint can be difficult sometimes. But with some essential steps and preparation, it can become easy for you to paint wood log cabins.

  1. Painting Preparation

Right planning and preparation help you to execute your painting process easily. Firstly, assess how much paint you need to paint the surface that needs a new coat of paint.

Also, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to start with. Get ready with a plan, how to start and where to close the task.

Then you can check the hue of the color at a small portion before painting the entire room. Also, make sure that your room is warm and dry enough to ensure a smooth finish.

  1. Impregnating

Before you start applying impregnating agent, you need to gently sand the wood using sandpaper. Then with the help of a brush to remove any dust thoroughly.

Then combine all impregnating agent thoroughly. When you are impregnating the large surfaces, then it is important to repeat the process of mixing.

Here it is important to note that for best results, you should apply the product using a paintbrush. Also, carefully rub all compound of impregnating agents into the wood surface.

Apply it, plank by plank, along with the granule. Then for the second layer of the impregnating agent, it is advisable to wait for at least 6 hours after the first application.

  1. Choosing The Right Paints

First of all, you have to evaluate that which section of the house you want to apply paint to. Every section of the house has a different requirement for paints.

For instance, in the bedroom or living room, you can go for full matt color. On the other side for your washroom and kitchen can use washable as well as long-lasting paint.

Also, painting the exterior, make sure that your paint is strong enough to endure the outdoor conditions. By choosing the paints wisely, you can make sure that your log house looks beautiful for a long period.

Moreover, it will also help you to avoid applying a fresh coat of paints to the house every year.

  1. Mistakes To Avoid

Some people do make mistakes while painting a wooden house. Below are some common mistakes that you should avoid to paint your wooden log.

  • Painting Conditions

The temperature of the paint, air, and the wooden surface need to be at least 5°C. In addition, the humidity of the air must be under 80%, and the surface should be clean and dry.

  • Putty Cautiously

You have to putty the wooden surface minutely. When dry, it also gets shrink, so you have to putty for at least two times.

  • Ensure Your Safety

Do not forget to wear protective glasses and a dust mask when preparing the surface of the paint.

  • Priming is Important

It creates a base surface that helps to uniformly absorb the paint and make sure to have better adhesion.

  • Start Painting From The Ceiling

Start painting your wooden house from the ceiling as this avoids splashes of paint over finished walls.

Final Words

With all these tips, you can beautifully paint your wooden house.