A new tea conception with natural bioactive health maintaining components – this is PraanTEA

PraanTEA PraanTEA

Ask any tea lover about what and how to do when it comes to tea drinking and you’ll see that they will smash you with an unbearable amount of info. Let it be about the different blends or a new tea type, we come to blows when it comes to our favourites. It’s no question that we should know which tea conception is irreplaceable from our repertoire. Let’s see!


Have you heard about the new theory of PraanTEA?

It really is a new approach to the aspect of tea drinking and I’d like to add that besides being extremely interesting it is also a very effective thing. I guess you have already heard that tea alone has numerous health promoting effects. However, it was not enough for the creator of PraanTEA idea. He discovered that the beneficial physiological effects of tea can be enhanced by adding different substances. Of course it is obvious that the biggest hit is the method of dosage, though if you take a look at the superfood ingredients you might be surprised. So the bioactive substances are not added directly to the tea because the absorption in the body would be less effective. A much more optimal mode of action can be achieved if these substances are added indirectly by using nutrients which are used for flavouring tea. These substances having been built into the organic matrix are absorbed more effectively in the body. And what is that bioactive part? Yoghurt, honey powder, algae and real fruits. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I was deeply taken by the story and have already tried one of their products. What can I say? Divine. Want me to tell more about it? Come and see!

Oolong tea with yoghurt honey powder and dried raspberry pieces

I think its name sounds delicious already, at least it brings the water to my mouth. Wu Lung tea whose shortened name is Oolong, with its wonderful taste, offers a fantastic tea experience. The leaves of the Wu Lung bush produce an exceptionally good and special tea. With its significant level of health promoting effects, this exceptional product, which is made by an innovative procedure where it is mixed with yoghurt honey powder, contributes to the maintenance of an optimal level of protein and can be consumed while being on special diets. The added dried raspberry is a significant source of vitamin C, B1, B2 and A, calcium and magnesium. And do you know what it tastes like? Well, this is the point where I understood that ’the path to heaven passes through a teapot”. I can state that this wisdom is true. Apart from this, you can choose seven more blends with natural bioactive ingredients. I can’t wait to try them all. I think you should try them as well!

Do you know what else is essential? The tea tray!

Tea tray has totally changed my approach to tea drinking. Once it was just a drink now became a beautiful ritual. The tray is designed in a way that there is a special space for the tea kettle or gaiwan. And you know what’s the best? That I could easily make full leaf teas without being afraid of pouring out and sometimes I just experimented with gongfu style tea by overfilling them. Not to mention, that when not in use, it looks really nice on the shelf.

So do you know what is the lesson from that? For a true tea lover, the tea tray and PraanTEA’s portfolio of quality teas with bioactive ingredients are a must have. As for the latter, you should know that the unique manufacturing technology of our inimitable tea blends is based on the harmonization of the organoleptic and health maintaining effects of the ingredients which were produced by scientifically proven techniques. Besides the variety of aroma and additive free natural ingredients, they also paid attention to eco-packaging so by buying PraanTEA you not only support your body but our planet as well.