Five Things to Consider Before a Demolition Project

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The decision to demolish something cannot be an easy one. Either for practical or sentimental reasons, deciding to destroy a building is not something you do on the spot. There is a lot to factor in when pondering over demolishing something, be it a small shed or your childhood home.


So, you have done your research and calculations, you have made your pros and cons list and the answer is clear: it has to be demolished. What is the next step? Now you have to get ready for what’s coming. No, it is not as ominous as it sounds, but it surely is serious. Consider the aspects below in order to be better prepared for the demolition project.

  • Planning ahead is crucial

You need to be very careful when deciding which structures need to be demolished, as once they are destroyed, there is no turning back. Check and double check the plans and make sure you marked everything you need demolished, and nothing else.

  • Checking for harmful substances is mandatory

Before the demolition starts, the structures must be checked for any kind of hazardous substances, such as asbestos, lead-paint, chemicals. Any risk must be removed before the works begins, so as not to endanger anyone. There are professionals that will do this for you, you just have to contact them.

  • All utilities must be disconnected

Here is another thing you should take care of before the project starts: have all your utilities disconnected: water, natural gas, electricity, sewer. Do not leave it till the last moment notifying these companies, because by the time the demolition begins, everything must be switched off.

  • Salvaging? Why not!

Even if you decided to demolish, it does not mean that you have to destroy everything. Have a look around and check if anything can be salvaged; maybe some things can be even sold or restored. Focus on appliances, ductwork, doors, windows.

  • Demolishing a building is a major enterprise

A demolition project is never as simple and straightforward as it seems. It will often surprise you, and not in a good way – you may not anticipate correctly the amount of rubble or the time needed for one structure to be taken down. There are a lot of unknown and unpredictable aspects, and if you do not work with a professional, you might be soon overwhelmed by the whole situation.

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