Proxy: why you need it and where to buy pixabay

To access some sites or surf the Internet anonymously, an intermediary is needed to make it appear that the visitor went online from a completely different IP address. How can this be done? Let's try to figure it out in our article.


What is a proxy and why is it needed

Proxy or "an intermediary server" is a service in computer networks that allows a user to access the network not under his own IP-address.

The proxy solves the following user problems:

  1. Preservation of incognito. The problem is relevant for both individuals and large corporations. In the first case, a person can get rid of the surveillance of advertisers, in the second, the corporation will protect itself from spying on the part of competitors.
  2. Increased security as basic attacks will target the proxy and not the real IP address.
  3. Gaining access to content that is only available to users from a specific location. There are Internet resources that work only for the IP addresses of a specific state / several states. It is possible to visit such sites while in a completely different territory using the proxy of this country.
  4. Gaining access to content and sites blocked in the territory where the user's real IP address is registered.
  5. Acceleration of access to some Internet resources. Proxy servers often store cached copies of Internet resources of interest to users. These sites will load much faster through proxies.

Where to buy a proxy

On the Internet, you can find many organizations offering various proxies, and prices can range from ridiculous to very high. As a rule, cheap proxies do not meet modern requirements for speed, stability and security.

Buy stable working proxies at reasonable prices at The company works with many providers, carefully selecting and checking the proxies that it offers to network users. In addition, it provides its customers with 24/7 support. There are various packages here, from free at low speed to maximum stable high speed proxy servers capable of handling professional tasks.

Thus, the use of proxies makes the use of the Internet more stable and secure, solving many of the problems that both private Internet surfers and users who work on the network face.