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Can't choose the right proxy for your business or personal needs? This can actually be quite difficult as many proxy providers claim their solution is the best in addition to the various types of proxies. However, don't worry. It should be noted that if you are interested in inexpensive proxies, then visit the site -


The main advantages of the service in providing proxies in the table

Large selection of countries; Wholesale quantities of proxies; 24/7 support
Low prices; Convenient website; Various payment methods

Since you may already know why you need a proxy, we won't dive into that in this section. However, suppose you are still in doubt; In this case, some of the real benefits of a proxy server are masking your IP address when accessing geo-restricted and highly sensitive websites, enhanced security, web scraping, and Internet control.

Factors to consider when choosing a proxy

Below we have provided a few key points to consider when choosing a proxy. They are varied and are classified from technical to non-technical in no particular order except for the first key point, knowing your purpose. It is best to find out about these facts through research before contacting a proxy provider.

Proxy selection criteria:

  • What sites allow proxies to go to.
  • Provided countries.
  • Proxy cost, what is the minimum amount.
  • Are there promotional codes for a discount?

Define your goal. You should know what to use proxies for. If you just want to go online by masking your IP address, a free proxy server is fine for you, but you should be aware of the security risks associated with free proxies.

However, suppose you are doing a more complex task, such as scrubbing web pages or transferring sensitive information, a dedicated proxy for the datacenter or a resident proxy would be more appropriate.

On the other hand, for geo-restricted website access, the size of the proxy pool provided by your provider will matter. So you need to get this fact right.

Proxy Location - Proxy location matters when selected. The closer the proxy server is to the target device that you will connect, the higher the speed will increase. In addition, the location factor plays a significant role when accessing geo-restricted sites.

Home proxy providers usually provide a wide variety of locations to choose from for your proxies. If you need proxies in the least popular countries, you need to get a list of countries and cities before purchasing.

However, one caveat about this. The list of countries on the provider's website does not mean that you will be able to select a proxy in your preferred location. This is because some proxy providers do not allow you to choose a proxy location and assign it manually yourself.

Proxy features

Consider the size of the proxy provider's IP pool. For example, let's say you're working on a project that requires you to connect to the target device multiple times using different IP addresses to avoid being banned. Then it would be better if you consider a larger proxy pool from your ISP. The larger the pool, the smaller the IP blocks will be. Therefore, you need to check with your ISP for the size of the IP address pool if it is not listed on their website.

Choose paid proxies instead of free ones - there are many free proxies available and used by thousands of people around the world, causing a lot of traffic. For this reason, they are very slow.

In addition, it is not easy to guarantee safety in them. It is widely known that free proxies can be created by scammers who want to use your IP address for their own purposes. Find out more about the possible security risks of free proxies here.

If, for example, you do decide to use free proxies, be sure to check if the IP addresses are working using online check tools. On the other hand, however, paid proxies are exclusively for you with a high-speed connection. Plus, you get a 24/7 minimum downtime guarantee. So paid proxies are definitely your choice.