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Securing your capital is an extremely important investment.


This is why it is so popular to invest money in various types of assets. Gold has been considered one of the symbols of wealth for thousands of years, that is why investing in it is still extremely popular. What is the best way to invest in gold today?

Investment in gold – securing your capital

Investing in gold has been known for centuries as a way to secure capital. What's more, paper notes for hundreds of years have been a substitute for the amount of gold in the bank, which is why gold is clearly associated with wealth.

It is for this reason that the traditional way to invest in gold is to buy gold bars or jewelry. However, such a traditional gold investment system has many disadvantages and hidden costs, such as transport or the seller's margin. Therefore, today, new forms of investing in gold, which are based on modern technologies, are becoming very popular.

The combination of tradition and modernity – modern ways of buying gold

Modern technology is rapidly changing the way we invest our money. Internet banking has already completely pushed out its traditional counterpart, because today hardly anyone goes to the bank to transfer money, because it can easily be done via the bank’s application.

The same is the case with capital investments. Purchasing gold can now take place completely virtually, thanks to which all costs that we know from traditional investing in gold are reduced almost to zero.

The first example of a virtual gold purchase is a gold CFD contract. This is a type of gold purchase that is done through derivatives. Low transaction costs and the ability to manage your gold from a smartphone or computer are just some of the advantages of CFDs. You can find out more about CFD contracts here –

Another way to invest in gold online is a gold ETF, which is a type of mutual fund. It is a safe and cheap way to invest in gold as the fund holds gold in a treasury and it is much cheaper on a wholesale scale than on an individual scale. ETFs are the most similar form to the traditional purchase of gold in bars or jewelry, with the difference that the purchased gold is kept in a safe vault.

 You can learn more about modern forms of investing in gold here.