GritSablare, a Modern Commercial Partner in Industry for Blasting, Water Jet Cutting, and Additives for Foundries and Drilling

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Trade is one of the main catalysts for the development of human societies, a promoter for the construction and development of relations between people and nations, and a reference of equilibrium towards are converging both, the demand and supply of goods through their main actors: the seller and the buyer.

Trade has been practiced since ancient times, at a smaller or larger scale, in almost every civilization of the world, nowadays knowing a maximum extent and variety (wholesale trade, retail, trade in stores, e-commerce).

Trade originates from Middle English (“path, course of conduct”), introduced into English by Hanseatic merchants. The term “Commerce” is derived from the Latin commercium, from cum “together” and merx, “merchandise”. Trade has gone through multiple development stages, emerging in prehistoric times alongside with human communication, from the rudimentary barter meaning the exchange of the goods you posses in excess with the goods you need. Starting with the third millennium BC, flourishing centres of trade are to be found and multiple trade routes are set either by sea or by land, at an international scale: the Sumerians from Mesopotamia traded with the Harappa Civilization in the Indus Valley, and the Phoenicians – skilful sailors – traded alongside Mediterranean coast with the populations from southern Europe and northern Africa. Compared to the ancient times, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the trade reached an unprecedented level of development – a wide variety of products were sold on the market, giving importance mainly to the cost of production or acquisition and the selling price of these goods.

Trade is currently at its best thanks to the special attention given to every detail involved in this process. Trade is no longer seen as sole acts performed in certain points in time, but a meticulous work of art for building long term relations with the customers and retain them by offering complete solutions to meet their needs: exhaustive product range, complementary products, before-purchase and after-sales services.

According to the current vision of relating towards their customers, GritSablare offers exhaustive industrial solutions for blasting, and wide range of products for water-jet cutting (red garnet, emery) and additives for foundry and drilling (sodium bentonite, graphite, olivine). A GritSablare partner benefits from the entire infrastructure necessary to build a successful business in blasting and surface treatment: professional blasting equipment, origin of Germany, at highest quality standards (blasting cabinets, outdoor blasting installations, blasting rooms, dust filters), premium blasting agents, ecological and non-toxic (steel grit, steel shots, stainless steel angular grit, stainless steel cut-wire shots, white and brown electrocorundum, glass beads, red garnet, copper slag), blasting accessories and consumables (nozzles, air purifiers), full protective equipment, warranty and post-warranty services (buy-back option for used equipment previously acquired), recovery and neutralization services for blasting materials waste.

When you become a customer of GritSablare you aren’t just buying a simple material or piece of equipment, you are buying also the five links of the benefits chain offered by GritSablare to develop a successful business:

  1. You are buying Time. GritSablare holds over 3500 tons of blasting materials in stock, delivering fast all the materials and equipment that you need to overcome downtime in operational activities.
  2. You are buying Know-how. GritSablare is constantly present at worldwide exhibition trades to find and, later, to provide the latest technologies and innovation in the industrial fields it operates: blasting, water-jet cutting, steel making and drilling.
  3. You are buying Experience. Our company has over 21 years of experience in international trade, as a result of business relations and commercial affairs with partners from over four continents: Europe, Asia, North America and South America, experience that helps you expand your client portfolio in foreign markets.
  4. You are buying full commercial services. GritSablare provides technical assistance on equipment installation, technical data sheets, product warranty, and post-warranty services, like: buy-back option for old equipment acquired previously, and also recovery and neutralization services for blasting waste materials.
  5. You are buying Money, with extended payment terms agreed previously with the customer, with the possibility of instalments purchases with interest free instalments, and many other discounts granted to our long-term customers (e.g.: when purchasing an outdoor blasting installation, GritSablare provides a price cut of 10% from the lowest price offered by our competitors for the blasting materials acquired, and discounts up to 100% for consumables for acquired equipment, including protective equipment).

GritSablare aims to build and develop long-term and win-win business relations with its customers, by providing high quality products at the highest price-quality ratio. Acquisition costs are rapidly amortized when you benefit of the full pack of advantages offered by GritSablare, which helps you develop a long-term successful business in the blasting industry.