Is Following Trends Important When it Comes to Industrial Design?

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There’s no disagreeing on what industrial design is - a definition of this term implies that it suggests an original creation of an ornamental nature. This has to be incorporated in or applied to a product so that it provides a unique appearance to it. Thus, these features may result due to its shape, lines, outline, configuration, color, texture or material.


How can trends change to way we work and promote industrial design, in today’s modern society? Depending on our our profession and context ...

  • We may show interest in discovering what are the latest design trends in order to understand what consumers appreciate, when choosing or buying new products (regardless of the market we are referring to). To have a clearer understanding , think of something that is extremely viral or popular in a certain demographic - you can build on this. Imagine a specific type of clothing, jewelry or accessories. A business opportunity? Understand the trending design and create a viable concept that can build on this foundation. Also, take into consideration construction, hardware, devices, tools, furniture etc. - the same principle applies.  
  • Representing a manufacturer? Than design trends are important to strategically direct your production of goods to reflect the actual successful products. This can cause an major increase of  sales and and also a increase in market leadership profile. Manufacturing finally reflects in the financial bottom line - knowing this, a company of this sort will direct more resources and approach the trends with a macro perspective, using market analysis as well. This work involves all sorts of studies and the creation of a defined market segment, to learn more about their preferences. For example a manufacturing firm may decide to learn more about a trend among middle aged man that have a family, use modern devices in their home and need a specific new set of tools. The company might put all its focus on understanding that  area.

To conclude, the tools or mechanism one chooses for this analysis depends on the particular use and the scope of the work.

Other factors to consider when analising trends:

  • anticipating life cycle and end of life issues in the early phase of design where thedegree of freedom to change the product features is higher and the impacts most effective.
  • understanding the relation to the new constraints and challenges derived from the sustainability and circular economy paradigms. 
  • focusing on the environmental performance 

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