Machines for food industry – used or new?

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In the food industry, every entrepreneur tries to offer the highest quality products that stand out from the rest. In order to produce healthy and tasty food, you need to equip your company with devices that will improve production and at the same time preserve the most important values of the products.

Which machines should you choose? Can used devices compete with brand-new ones? Find out what to look for before buying.

Is it worth investing in second-hand butchering machines?

There is a belief that most second-hand devices differ significantly in quality from the new ones. However, this is not always true. Used machines for the food industry undergo regular inspections and repairs. All worn parts are replaced immediately, and the condition of rest of the device is regularly checked. Because of this, even models that are several years old do not have to be inferior in quality and performance to those that have barely left the factory. However, they allow you to save some money that can be spent on the development of the company.

Grinders, smokehouses, or skinning machines purchased directly from the manufacturer have an advantage because they are equipped with the latest technological solutions. If they match the requirements of a company, it is worth considering their purchase. Some new appliances can also use less energy and reduce waste. Investing in expensive models can therefore pay off as the running costs will be lower.

Butchering machines – what properties are important?

When doing business in the food industry, make sure you understand the health and safety requirements. Without knowing all the restrictions, buying used machinery can be risky. Therefore, the best solution is to carefully check the properties of a given device. If you are not sure about some parameters, it is better to choose new equipment that will be adapted to current standards. Modern equipment will be equipped with:

  • safety sensors that eliminate the risk of accidents,
  • high-power engines,
  • replaceable parts,
  • intuitive control systems that facilitate operation.

When buying, it is also good to pay attention to the materials used in the production of the machine. They can affect the taste and quality of products. Most of the devices are made of stainless and acid-resistant steel. They are resistant to mechanical damage and the effects of various chemicals. Thanks to this, they can serve for many years.

Where to buy used machines for the food industry?

Both new and used electrical devices should be purchased from proven, trusted sources. There are many suppliers of food processing plants on the market, but it's best to pay attention to those with experience. The offer of companies such as BMG Trade includes individual machines, but also entire production lines. A team of technicians makes sure that each device meets even the most demanding requirements.

A wide range of products allows you to adjust the size of the machine to the size of the company and the amount of the needed food products. Each plant will require something different, so the selection must be preceded by careful research.