Amusement business - what it is and how it works

amusement business amusement business

Entertainment is a very important part of our lives. It helps us reset, relax and forget about everyday’s troubles.

What is a great fun for players is also an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs. If you are here it means you want to learn more about amusement business- so let’s get you started with some basic information.

Amusement machines- what are they?

Amusement machines are usually automatic, coin operated games designed  to allow players to have fun for reasonable price. However, such knowledge is not sufficient to run a profitable amusement business. Arcade games include a wide range of devices. The most common games could be divided into few groups; 

-sport games such as air hockey, basketball etc., 

-video games

-  redemption games which are divided into instant prize redemption and ticket redemption games

-  pinballs.

-  billiards

The variety of products is huge, so there’s a perfect fit for every location.

The beginning of your amusement business 

Amusement machines are great money makers! But not everybody will be successful enough to see their true potential. It is important to make right choices both in terms of the location and the machine itself. The first step after deciding on investing in the amusement business is choosing a way to source the equipment. There is a variety of options; buying new games for cash, leasing them or buying used units. No matter which option you choose the most important thing is to buy them from a trustworthy vendor. You might ask how to choose a vendor like that. You should look for a company with a history and good reputation.  A company that provides service and advice and whose employees are well trained and experienced. Good, reliable machines are a very safe investment but if you don’t choose well and buy a game of bad quality and not well suited for your location you are very likely to fail.

When you already have your devices, it is time to find the right venue to place them. You may start looking for location even before the actual purchase to make sure you have the right game for the right place. The choice of right location is the biggest challange.

It should be a place with a significant traffic of people. A place where people spend time and may be interested to do something fun in the meantime.  Bars, Pubs, Restaurants and Clubs are the first group of locations. Streets and promenades of busy towns and cities are the next group.It is a good idea to look for locations that are already providing some entertainment such us bowling alleys, indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks etc. It is also a great idea to use amusement machines on events, parties, carnivals and fun fairs.

The Big Show Basketball by WIK - amusement machine

The Big Show Basketball by WIK - amusement machine

The benefits of running the amusement business

Although the amusement machines have been around for a long while, people show more and more interest in venues with such equipment.  Arcade games are not only fun but they are trendy! They can significantly increase the attractiveness of the location. So not only will they make some extra money but also generate bigger revenue on other parts of the location’s offer such as bar. Playing games is a very social activity so while you have fun with your friends, you might feel like having also something to drink and eat. Earnings from the amusement business can be almost entirely passive since there is no need for human resources- it is just enough to care about the machines so that they are clean and work all the time.

WIK- best arcade games offer

As amusement business seems to be one of the greatest opportunity for entrepreneurs in the coming years, we invite you to have a look at the offer on our website Do you have any questions related to amusement machines? Leave your comment or contact us directly. We will do our best to give a quick and comprehensive answer.