Prepare your shop window for the upcoming autumn season!

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Autumn is coming, and with it, new collections will show up in stores.


That's why you need to think about choosing the perfect accessories and mannequins that will highlight the clothes displayed in your store window. A stylish and beautiful mannequin is an essential element of a shop display and we have prepared the latest models that will be perfect for the autumn season.

Mannequins of different types and colors

When you walk past a store, it is usually the window display that attracts the customer inside. If it doesn’t grab your attention, then many people will just pass it. That's why we have prepared various types of mannequins, which are distinguished by both design and color and arrangement.

Mannequins in various poses are much more eye-catching than simple standing ones. They can show how a given garment will look like when the person is moving, and this is a very important factor that customers pay attention to. That's why we have all sorts of different types of mannequins. Standing ones, sitting ones, models that are in different poses and even sporty ones that are shown while performing a certain exercise, to be able to show that the clothing is stretchy and looks good at the gym or while jogging.

Which type of mannequin should you choose?

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there is no single design that always works for display windows. It all depends on the store, so it is best to choose different types of mannequins with different poses to present the best-looking autumn products that will match the mood of this time of year.

The models at were created for any customer who needs mannequins to display clothes in storefronts. The materials used are very durable and well-designed, modern and elegant. Therefore, if you are looking for durable and beautiful mannequins to enhance your storefront, then our range is the best choice. We have a wide assortment, different kinds of designs, colors and, above all, attractive prices. Get your shop window ready for the coming autumn and winter season with MORE Mannequins!