Smooth and quiet….This is how your cabinets should close!

Cabinet hinges soft close Cabinet hinges soft close

Soft-close hinges guarantee a silent and gentle closing of all furniture doors. This works best when you have small children at home. It is one of the main factors responsible for the comfort of living. This innovative solution is used especially in new homes.

Each self-closing furniture hinge means that you do not have to waste time closing the door anymore because it will provide great protection against loud slamming. Furnica soft-close hinges are undoubtedly an option that increases the comfort of using the furniture. It should be noted that individual models in a category such as self-closing furniture hinges also have an elegant design. This makes them the perfect complement to the furniture in your home.

What Furnica has for you?

All soft-close hinges available in our Furnica online shop can be adapted to different types of doors: handle-less, twin, overlay, parallel, inset and corner cabinets. In fact, after using specific hinges, the door will become self-service. They will close silently, evenly and without slamming. You can expect them to function flawlessly for a long time, as they are made of high-quality materials. You do not need to worry that the surface of your cabinets will deteriorate quickly

Installation easier than you think!

Convenient adjustment allows for efficient assembly and disassembly without the use of tools. All soft-close hinges are also distinguished by the fact that they adapt to different temperatures. Silent door closing is very practical and, additionally, does not require any additional activities and does not take time. It is enough to equip yourself with hinges, install them easily in your home and do not worry about the comfort of living anymore. See more Cabinet hinges soft close.