Top 5 Benefits of Using AR for Your Business

Banuba AI video tool Banuba AI video tool

AI video editor provides the capability to create unique content that will capture the public's attention. Many applications incorporate augmented reality tools making your videos extremely efficient for business development. New technology is the key to your success, so it is highly recommended to be flexible and in tune with the latest trends.

Discover the Banuba AI video tool to experience the benefits offered by augmented reality.

Contemporary technology is adapted to all areas of business activities. It can help improve performance and communication between business representatives and clients. If you provide education or healthcare services, or run a business in manufacturing or commerce, then augmented reality is definitely a tool to take advantage of. It can trigger a real breakthrough and boost your income. As for the benefits of the technology, here is a brief overview.

No.1 Real-Time Video Editing to Engage Customers

Augmented reality is a tool driving new consumer experiences. Customers are provided with creative opportunities, which draw close attention. The idea is that digital components are superimposed on the real environment. Thus, an interactive reality is created, which enables customers to explore the product or service better.

The content can be "brought to life". It is also possible to visualize objects, as well as to offer consumers a chance to customize the properties of a product, for instance, choosing color, texture, size, etc. The above is essential for the customer to be able to make a purchase decision regarding a particular product. One of the advantages is that you don't have to provide customers with free samples.

Let us take the online apparel store as an example. Augmented reality tools enable potential customers to take advantage of a virtual fitting and see whether the chosen outfit will fit them.

Technology is no less important when it comes to selling furniture. It can help clients to check whether a sofa or a bedroom set is appropriate for their apartment.

Augmented reality is also relevant for online beauty stores. It is an excellent tool for customers to explore a certain product, see how well the shades match and apply virtual makeup.

No.2 Video editing SDK to Leave Competitors Behind

Real-time video editing will provide you with a competitive advantage, which is important for business development. There are many companies that operate in the same field and offer products and services of a similar price range. To get ahead of the competitors, you need to stand out. New technology, such as augmented reality, is a perfect solution for this purpose. It will be an excellent tool for expanding your customer base. Furthermore, it does not require a lot of effort from your side.

Advertising campaigns built on the basis of augmented reality will help your product stand out from the rest, increase brand awareness, and expand your market share.

No.3 Excellent Training for Employees

The video editing SDK will assist in corporate training. Set aside the conventional user manuals and create the most effective project possible. Employees should be interested in receiving new information. In this case, they will master the skills faster and remember the provided information better.

Augmented reality tools enable every employee to participate in educational events, thus improving their knowledge of products and services, facilitating interactions with customers, and the use of certain equipment. At the same time, you do not have to risk expensive equipment to train your staff to operate it. Everything is extremely comfortable and safe. This tool is also a good solution for teaching interpersonal communication, and training in first-aid treatment.

Your employees will be able to get the information they need and practice at any location in the world. The obvious advantage is that even if they make mistakes, they won't have to worry about accidentally damaging equipment or hurting people.

For instance, training on military equipment, aircraft, and medical and laboratory devices is not only expensive but also potentially dangerous. However, you can provide the staff with quite realistic scenarios, so that each employee will demonstrate the skills and learn certain lessons if they make mistakes.

A huge advantage is that when you use augmented reality tools, you can track how training progresses. It is equally important to monitor the improvement of the staff qualifications, and who among the employees has performed at their best.

No.4 Excellent Interaction with Remote Employees

The development of the Internet and IT technology makes it increasingly possible to hire remote employees. This is convenient because less workspace is required. For example, you can rent a small office to accommodate several managers. The rest of the employees can perform their duties from home.

Also, the remote format is convenient if you hire a highly qualified professional who lives in another city or country. And even if s/he cannot move to your region, it is very easy to establish fruitful cooperation.

Augmented reality tools enable you to connect remote workers and office staff. Video calls are used for this purpose. If they are based on modern technology, the communication will be more realistic, and the interaction between employees will be extremely lifelike (as if they are in the same room).

No.5 Effective Monitoring of All Production Stages

Augmented reality services enable you to monitor every stage of performance. This is especially important during the manufacturing of certain goods. The latest technology provides effective tools to draw conclusions as to whether the objectives are being achieved. You can also use them to promptly find out about equipment malfunctions, and water or gas leaks. However, this requires to use of tools designed for emergency situations.

Banuba AI Video Tool: Expand Your Business

Banuba AI video tool is an excellent software that combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality. This tool is designed to create high-quality video content that will surpass the competitors' commercials. For this purpose, the developers have used innovative technologies and implemented more than 1,000 filters.

There are many tools you can use to process your finished videos or apply them to your live-action shooting. Some of them are as follows:

  • beauty effects designed to improve skin tone and texture, apply makeup, and change eye color;
  • a variety of masks, be they animals, popular personalities, movie characters, etc. They can be applied to the face, completely transforming the main character of the shoot;
  • video effects so you can add flashes, ripples, blurs, and more to your video;
  • text or GIF overlay, which is useful for users who can't listen to the audio for some reason;
  • time effects, so you can speed up or slow down the video playback;
  • a trimmer to trim clips that are too long or remove certain parts;
  • color filters that enable users to adjust a certain tone to change the overall perception of the video;
  • a Picture-in-Picture tool that is suitable for broadcasting multiple clips at once. The main thing is to make sure that the sounds from the two videos do not overlap each other;
  • changing the background if you don't like the scene behind you. Choose an acceptable option to make your content austere, humorous, or romantic;
  • audio editor to add tracks, change the voice, and implement preset effects.

Taking advantage of the AI-powered video editor, you will create quality content in a short time, improve interaction with employees and customers, and increase brand awareness.