How important is suitable packaging for cosmetics?

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The times when the cosmetics packaging was used only for storing the product are long gone and irretrievable. Currently, consumer expectations, competition between companies and regulations of market regulators make the packaging also become an extremely important and integral element of the product itself.

 Cosmetics and cosmetics packaging market

It is estimated that the global cosmetics market reached the value of nearly USD 428 billion in 2020 and has been growing at a rate of at least 1 percent annually for several years. In turn, the value of the cosmetics packaging market at the same time reached nearly USD 30 billion. It means one thing - both the market of cosmetics and cosmetics packaging are very vast, attractive and at the same time highly competitive markets.

Lets remember about the safety of packaging

Modern product packaging also exists in a legally regulated space. In addition to appropriate labeling, cosmetics packaging ( must also meet certain safety requirements. In the European Union, it is regulated, among others, by the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 2009 and detailed national standards in individual countries.

Importance of cosmetics packaging for ecology

It is becoming more and more popular to move from theory to practice of the idea of ​​a circular economy. There is increasing pressure on packaging manufacturers to make them recyclable. Plastic and glass packaging are ideal for this in the cosmetics industry. Much attention is also paid to how much energy is used in the production of packaging. Therefore, the inclusion of ecological trends in the packaging philosophy is very important both for the manufacturer of the packaging, the producer of the product to be packed, and for the end-customer.

A better-fitting cosmetics packages sells better

Appropriate product packaging guarantees the first positive impression when the buyer contacts a given cosmetic product. That is why cosmetic companies, before launching a new product in a new packaging, conduct consumer researchers.

Of course, this serves a much broader optimization and concerns many factors related to the product than just the general appearance.

Therefore, packaging features are assessed, such as, among others, shape, type of material, internal storage mechanism, the possibility of eliminating contact of the product with the atmospheric air, size and weight, colors and color tones, 3D patterns, and the legibility and understandability of the label of a given cosmetics packages.

Only the appropriate matching of all these components gives a chance to successfully and effectively compete on the very demanding cosmetic markets.