Alternate to Paypal in India: Moneybookers, Yes! Moneybookers

Moneybookers Moneybookers

If you are one of those living in India and you are also doing an online business than you must be knowing that Paypal has put several restrictions for people of India e.g. USD 500 limit due to RBI guidelines. Though India is on the list of Paypal approved countries but still cannot enjoy the experience which other countries in Europe and West are enjoying.

Even in the neighborhood country Pakistan, Paypal is nowhere on the scene as of yet. So in short i want to say that Moneybookers is great alternate to Paypal for those countries where Paypal has imposed restrictions or yet has not launched its operations. However, many people now are in dire need of getting an alternative to Paypal in India that could solve problems created by Paypal itself.


Then should you do for keeping your online businesses in a good share despite these payment problems. Should we wait until Paypal removes the restrictions and start working openly in your country ? or should it be better to start looking for an alternative for Paypal in India? Obviously, the answer would be going for the alternate option. And that option i could recommend is Moneybookers. Yes, Moneybookers charges very low fees and also is accepted worldwide without any Paypal like restrictions.. Though people using Moneybookers are far less in number (reason is that major only stores prefer Paypal, because more of those stores are based in U.S or Europe so Paypal is good for them) but not for other countries… but Moneybookers is surely a challenge to Paypal in countries where paypal has restricted options, thus giving a way for people to look for an alternate to Paypal . Not only India but many other countries are facing different problems in online transactions due to Paypal limited policies.


It should be pretty much easy for you to signup for an account at, which is completely FREE. Once you are registered there, you would be asked to Verify your Bank Account details (which should be valid) as well as your Credit Card Details (optional). Once the process is completed, and once you are verified, you would be good to go, and receive payments in your Moneybookers account and also easily Withdraw funds into your Local Bank Account through (Bank Wire). Yes Bank Wire is most secure, reliable and fast (as it takes 2-3 business days) to reflect a transaction into your bank account.. Do not waste anymore time and signup for Moneybookers account, and i am sure you won’t be disappointed by that at all.